Woman Wakes Up To Find Intruder Snuggling With 120 Pound “Guard Dog”


Lynn Sarver of Waukesha, Wisconsin woke up bright and early on Tuesday ready to begin a New Year. But what began as an ordinary morning took a strange turn when she walked into the living room.

There, snuggled up with her 120 pound Mastiff Benton, was a sleeping man! Sarver took a closer look to ensure the stranger was not her own son.

“You know because he had dark hair and kind of the same size,” she told WISN News.

Once she confirmed the man entwined with her snoozing pooch was indeed a stranger, Sarver retreated to the safety of the kitchen.

“When we saw him the dog was sleeping on top of him,” she said. “And we called 911 and we were hiding in the kitchen.”

It turns out the young man had a bit too much to drink the previous night while celebrating the arrival of 2019. He accidentally entered the wrong home through an unlocked patio door and fell asleep on Benton’s cozy bed!

The “intruder” apologized and went straight home with no action required from the police.

“You know I mean he didn’t mean any harm and he was a very nice kid basically,” Sarver said.

As for Benton, he may not be the best guard dog, but he definitely makes a great cuddle buddy!

H/T & Featured Screenshot via WISN News

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