Woman Wakes Up To Strange ‘Dog’ In Her Bedroom


Bonnie Moriarty recently had the shock of her life when she thought she heard her pets fighting in the middle of the night. She woke up ready to break up a fight between her cat and dog but came face-to-face with a coyote!

Her cat, spooked by the creature, came running into her bedroom with a large shadow following it. At first, Bonnie thought it was her dog, but quickly realized what it was! She believes the coyote was lured into her home by the thought of making a meal out of her cat. It’s likely it slipped in through an unlocked back door that was pushed open, and chased the cat through the home before waking her up.

Because her husband was out of town, she was the only adult in the home able to protect her children and pets. Bonnie grabbed a golf club to keep the coyote away, but like many of us would, she made plenty of noise screaming. Her children woke up and her dog came to the rescue, barking. The coyote, now facing a woman with weapon and a brave Miniature Schnauzer, tried to hide in a corner.

Many of us would like to say we’d have the same reaction, but I know how I behave if I see even a wasp in my house!

Animal control was able to capture the coyote and release it into a nearby wooded area. Thanks to Bonnie’s quick and noisy reaction, her family is safe.

H/T: philadelphia.cbslocal.com
Featured Photo: screenshot/philadelphia.cbslocal.com

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