Wounded Foster Dog Delights Rescuers With A Surprise Delivery


When a Canadian foster pawrent agreed to take in a seriously injured dog, she knew it would be a lot of work. But she had no idea she would also end up caring for 11 puppies!

Nancy Duykers of Winnipeg learned about Sheba when she was taken in by Feed the Furbabies Canada. The dog had a terrible wound on her left front leg which may have been caused by a gunshot.

At first it seemed as if Sheba’s leg would have to be amputated. But, after performing surgery to remove the dead, infected tissue, her veterinarian was confident it could be saved. She was released to Duykers as a medical foster, with instructions to bring her to vet appointments and administer her prescribed medications.

“I was looking after Sheba’s wound. That’s what I thought my job was going to be as her foster mom,” Duykers told Global News.

As Sheba grew comfortable in her cozy new foster home, she began to gain weight. Duykers mentioned it to her vet, but he chocked it up to Sheba being in heat and experiencing a false pregnancy. However, her belly continued to expand.

“Then she started getting bigger and bigger, so they did the ultrasound and there they were – all the little puppies looked like little gummy bears with heartbeats.”

Sheba was going to be a mom!

When the big day arrived, Sheba gave birth to 11 healthy puppies. Suddenly, Duykers – who has two permanent pups of her own – had a dozen extra mouths to feed instead of just one! For seven weeks, Sheba and her boisterous brood took over the Duykers home.

“It’s been a busy house,” Duykers said in the understatement of the year!

This past Saturday, the pups were finally old enough to move on to the next phase in their lives. The entire family was transferred into the care of Tails of the Misunderstood Canine Rescue Society, who worked in conjunction with Feed the Furbabies to cover the costs of Sheba’s care.

Tails of the Misunderstood has promised to provide updates on Sheba and the pups via their Facebook page. In the meantime, check out this adorable video of the “kids”wreaking havoc at their latest vet appointment!

H/T to Global News

Featured Images via Facebook/Tails of the Misunderstood Canine Rescue Society

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