Yet Another Human Locks Dogs in a Hot Car so They Could Go Have Fun

In another glaring example of “when will we ever learn,” humans locked their dogs inside a stiflingly hot car. In this case, the people were visiting a theme park in the UK. There is no telling how long the dogs would have been left alone. The police intervened before it was too late.

Image Isle of Wight Police/Facebook

Police Respond to a “Regular Summer Call”

The Blackgang Chine theme park is located on the Isle of Wight. The weather was reportedly “hot” last weekend when visitors went to the park. It is unclear why the people brought their dogs along when they wouldn’t be allowed inside the theme park.

Nonetheless, these people parked the car, cracked the window a bit, and left two dogs in the back of the car. One was in a kennel and the other was loose. Someone noticed the dogs panting in the back of the car and called the police. Officers were able to open the window all the way, enter the car, and open the back hatch. The dogs were visibly panting and overheated.

Isle of Wight police responded to the call, stating on social media that a call of this type was a “regular summer call.” The police department took the opportunity to remind residents of the dangers of leaving dogs in hot cars. The inside temperature of a car is far hotter than the outside temperature. Suffocation, heat stroke, and death are very real risks for pets locked in hot cars.

The Same Day, Another Dog was Rescued from a Car

The very same day, a shopper at Hildred Shopping Centre called the local police department. She was irate, seeing a dog panting inside a kennel in a car with the windows cracked. The witness reported that the police tracked down the car owners to come relieve the dog.

The witness took the opportunity to tell the car owners exactly what she thought about their choice to leave this dog in the car. She told Metro, “They had two hours on a ticket but only came back because police got their number and called them. I certainly didn’t hold back telling them exactly what reprobates they are.”

Image Isle of Wight Police/Facebook

Cracking Windows or Parking in Shade is NOT ENOUGH

We see these stories far too frequently every single summer. Thankfully, these rescues had happy enough endings. It could have gone the other way. It is NEVER okay to lock a dog inside a car in warm weather. As one social media commenter said, “Honest to God these people make MY blood boil! How many more times do they need telling!”

Help spread the word and save lives. Never, ever, lock a dog inside a hot car! It can quickly become deadly!

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Featured Image Isle of Wight Police/Facebook

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