You Helped the Shelter, Now Let’s Get Lili Adopted!

There is one very special resident at the Santa Paula Animal Rescue Center (SPARC). She is an absolutely adorable white bulldog mix named Lili and she needs YOUR help to finally find her forever home.

Lili has been at SPARC for six years. That is over 2000 days of daily life in a kennel. The staff and volunteers at SPARC take great care of Lili but it’s time to elevate Queen Lili’s status to adopted family member.

Image Courtesy of Santa Paula Animal Rescue Center

The community at iHeartDogs is powerful! Thanks to YOUR purchases on the iHeartDogs site and our partnership with Greater Good, we were able to pimp out Lili’s kennel to make it more fitting for a queen.

Her portrait hangs on the wall, her blanket covers her throne. Lili’s kennel has received a makeover that makes her the envy of the shelter. As sweet as her new digs are, though, we want her to move out of them and into the loving arms of a dog mom.

We need your voice now. Activate your sharing powers and get the word out about this beauty so we can get Lili adopted!

Santa Paula Animal Rescue CenterGet Lili adopted!! Please share so we can find this girl a home. She has been here 2,080 days ( 6 years ). #cleartheshelter #iheartdogs

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Lili’s sweet temperament and snuggable body make her a perfect addition to any home. Share the video so we can get more eyes on Lili and get this girl into her forever home.

Images Courtesy of Santa Paula Animal Rescue Center

As you know, every single one of your purchases at iHeartDogs helps shelter dogs in need through our partnership with Greater Good. In addition to Lili’s stylish kennel makeover, your purchases allowed Greater Good and iHeartDogs to donate $10,000 to the Santa Paula Animal Rescue Center, just in time for the 5th annual Clear the Shelters event with NBC in Los Angeles and across the country. Imagine all the good that will come to the shelter because of your loving support.

Image Santa Paula Animal Rescue Center Facebook

We can all imagine how difficult it is for the animals who sit in shelters waiting for their big day. Lili has seen literally thousands of faces cross her kennel, some never even stopping to take a second glance. How heartbreaking to constantly wonder, “why not me?”

We also know, most of us first-hand, how hard the staff and volunteers at animal shelters across our nation work to keep these babies fed, clean, and in good health. It is truly a labor of love. The grant of $10,000 and donation of toys, beds, and treats will go a long way in support their efforts.

But they will always need more. We ask you today to give a little more. Take a minute to share the good news, spread the word, and find this fine lady a family. It’s not over till Lili finds her new family. SPARC is waiving adoption fees on Lili and all animals THIS SATURDAY for the Clear the Shelters event.

If you are interested in adopting Lili, please contact Santa Paula Animal Rescue Center in Santa Paula, CA at (805) 525-8609 or

Image Courtesy of Santa Paula Animal Rescue Center

Featured Image Courtesy of Santa Paula Animal Rescue Center

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