You Helped To Save Sparty From A Life Of Neglect

A loving pup named Sparty endured a lifetime of neglect at the hands of a family that never appreciated him. Thanks to animal lovers like you, a dedicated animal rescue was able to swoop in and give Sparty the life he always deserved!

Sparty was facing euthanasia simply because he was “being an inconvenience” to his previous family. He was incredibly skinny due to hardly being fed, as well as heartworm positive due to a lack of preventative care. Sparty’s future was bleak, having heartworms and only experiencing a life of seclusion in a dark basement.  Thankfully for this lovable pup, the Safe and Sound Rescue came to his aid.

sparty rb

The Safe and Sound Rescue took Sparty in before his previous owners had the chance to put him to sleep. Though Sparty would require an abundance of care going forward, the team of dedicated animal rescuers was up to the task.

In order to undergo treatment for a stage 3-4 case of heartworms, Sparty would need to be nursed back to health. Being extremely malnourished and deprived of basic care for so long, he needed to find a foster home that could tend to his needs. Thankfully for Sparty, he found the perfect one!

Since stepping foot into his foster home, Sparty has flourished in every way. His once fearful demeanor now exudes confidence, and his frail body has begun to fill out! With the help of the donations and quality dog food from’s Rescue Bank, Sparty has gained a whopping 40 pounds!

“Without the help of Rescue Bank, we could not take in severely neglected and malnourished dogs like this and get them healthy to undergo heartworm treatment! We thank you from the bottom of our hearts because Sparty is simply a joy to be around.” -Safe and Sound Rescue

sparty rb

sparty rb

Now that Sparty has finally received the care he always deserved; he is one step closer to undergoing heartworm treatment. Once he has been cured of this pesky disease, he can finally go on to meet the forever family of his dreams.

Because of you, so many furry friends will be rescued from terrible situations that no dog should have to endure. It warms our heart to see Sparty flourishing in the care of the Safe and Sound Rescue, and have no doubt he will make a wonderful addition to a loving family someday. Good luck Sparty!

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