You’ll Never Believe How Much Fur This Dad Brushed Off His Dog

Does your dog shed? Trick question. We know all dogs do. But we bet you haven’t seen a dog lose fur like this Samoyed. This energetic, playful pup had seemingly endless amounts of hair. His dad used his pup’s calm demeanor as an opportunity to rid of him of the excess fluff.

Sammie Fur 2
​Source: YouTube

Furry beauties

Samoyeds are known for their thick, all-white coats. They look like a fluffy, smiley version of a polar bear. They were bred to work in Siberia as sledding dogs. Their thick coats are there to protect them from brutal temperatures. Even their smiles are for weather protection. Samoyeds’ lips curl upward to keep the pups from drooling. This prevents icicles from forming on their faces. Sammies are gentle and playful pups. They respond well to an alpha dog leading the pack.

Because of all their fur, Sammies shed frequently. In fact, their parents must regularly brush them. Luckily, these pups are so sweet they don’t mind the grooming. This compliant nature made it easy for one dad dog to spend hours brushing his dog’s fur.

Sammie Fur 3Sammie Fur 3
​Source: CarebDude YouTube

A mountain of fluff

In this video, we see the extent of a Samoyed’s fur. One Sammie dog dad filmed brushing his pup throughout the day. The entire day is shown in a time lapse. He keeps grooming and grooming and grooming his dog until the skies are dark.

Once the pup’s dad is done, staggering amounts of fur surround the Sammie. Even after mounds of fluffy white fur fill the carpet around the dog and dad, there is still more to remove. It seems endless!

In addition to truly stunning amounts of fur, another incredible part of the video is the Samoyed’s patience. The sweet dog roles on his back to allow his dad better access to his belly. He lays on his side, seeming to enjoy the grooming. The dog/parent relationship is obviously loving and trusting. It’s beautiful to watch!

Take a look at this mountain of fur. Does your pooch shed this much? Let us know in the comments!

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