Your Help Brought Dash To His Forever Family

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For ten long months, 7-year-old Dash waited at the Delano Shelter in California. That region has a big stray and shelter overcrowding problem, so it’s a high-risk place for a dog to be. To many dogs there, every day they spend in a shelter is like a ticking clock.

With just days before he was set to spend Christmas at the shelter, Dash was spared. START Rescue, an organization partially funded by your purchases, stepped in to save him. START transports animals monthly to vetted contracted partners in the Pacific Northwest. The rescued animals usually come from California shelters like Delano and rescuers in Mexico. Because the Pacific Northwest region is less populated, they have a better chance of getting adopted there.

Since 2011, START Rescue has saved an average of 1,500 animals a year, all adopted into loving homes. Dash can now proudly call himself one of those success stories!

A “Perfect Match For All Of Us”

It didn’t take too long once Dash relocated up north for him to catch someone’s eye.

The Radcliff family had previously adopted another dog named Rusty from START. Sadly, Rusty had recently passed away.

In 2019, the Radcliffs decided to save another life through START: Dash’s! Dash’s new mom knows Rusty would have supported their decision, and he would have been all about Dash too.

“I know Rusty would have loved him. He’s a great protector of Sofie and always makes sure she is able to go out and do her business. Perfect match for all of us. We love him and are so thankful he came to our house!!”

Dash is now surrounded by love and comfy places to nap. It makes you wonder how a sweet boy like this could end up in a shelter in the first place.

“Dash is great!!! My ‘little’ shadow. He’s a love bug – loves his ball and loves to cuddle.”

Thank goodness START reversed Dash’s outcome, and thank goodness you helped!

How Your Purchases Made This Possible

Through The Second Chance Movement, provides grants to several benefiting charities that offer both air and ground transports from high-kill shelters. This includes START Rescue. You can support their important work through iHD!

Your purchases through the iHeartDogs store help the Second Chance Movement provide miles of transport from high-risk shelters to safety for pups like Dash. You can view all eligible products at iHeartDogs or make a direct donation here!

Just think of Dash’s sweet face when you click that purchase button.

START Rescue does the important work that changes the lives of countless dogs. Thanks for supporting us so we can continue to support them!

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Images courtesy of START Rescue.

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