Your Support Saved A Starving, Abandoned Mama Dog

iHeartDogs works closely with by donating part of each sale to their various charity efforts. One of these charities, Rescue Bank, donates quality dog food to shelters and rescues in need. Some rescue organizations could not run without kind donations like this, so your support is greatly appreciated!

In Tennessee, a mama dog was abandoned with her five new puppies. She loved and nurtured her little babies, but she also suffered from severe malnutrition. For about the first four weeks of a puppy’s life, their mother’s milk is the only nutrition they receive. This time is vital for puppies’ growth and development. This whole family was left to suffer in hunger.

Fortunately, kind rescuers stepped in to save them all. By the time mama Penny arrived at Safe Haven Rescue, the poor girl looked starved. At the rescue, the family finally had access to solid nutrition. Safe Haven noted what a huge difference hearty meals made.

“Penny arrived at our rescue as skin and bones, and by the time she was ready to find her forever family, she was at her desired weight, and her coat went from dull and flaky to soft and brilliant. She was able to not only gain weight but supply her body with the nutrients she needed to become healthy. Without these donations of high-end food, we would be feeding lower quality to save funds, and Penny’s recovery would be delayed.”

The nutritious food that restored this family to health came from Rescue Bank. Rescue Bank operates on a food bank model. This organization receives dog food donations from brands and works with partner non-profit organizations to distribute it. With less money spent on dog food, rescues like Safe Haven can afford pricey surgeries and other lifesaving costs.

Reversing Penny & Her Family’s Outcome

Eventually, with her belly consistently full, Penny weaned her puppies and looked after them while all five were infected with Parvo. In her foster home, she and her babies got to experience love, a clean bed, and consistent meal times.

As of today, nothing in Penny’s life is temporary or uncertain anymore!

“After weaning her puppies, Penny was spayed and placed for adoption. She is living life as a spoiled girl with her very own family to love her.”

Penny and her family prove what a difference good nutrition makes in an animal’s life. Not just in their appearance, but also in their confidence and happiness. Full bellies make happier dogs which in turn are more adoptable.

Congratulations to Penny on her forever home, and thanks to you iHD supporters who allowed that to happen! Check out eligible products and ways you can support Rescue Bank’s efforts via iHeartDogs here.

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Photo courtesy of Safe Haven Dog Rescue.

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